SSC CGL Tier-II Exam Analysis: SSC CGL Tier-II Questions Asked

SSC CGL Tier-II Exam Analysis: Staff Selection Commission is conducting the CGL 2018 (Tier – II) exam now. The first paper (Quantitative Aptitude) is already over. As per the feedback shared by the candidates who appeared for CGL 2018 (Tier-II) exam, the questions asked in the exam were of ‘Easy to Moderate’ Level.
SSC CGL Result
The Quantitative section in the SSC CGL Tier-II Exam consists of Arithmetic and advanced maths. In this article we are providing detailed SSC CGL Tier-II Exam Analysis and Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier-II Exam.The topic-wise distribution of questions given below:
S.No Topic Number of questions Level of Exam
1 Geometry 10-15 Easy
2 Mensuration 10-12 Easy
3 Trigonometry, Height & Distance 10-12 Easy
4 Time & Work, Pipe & Cistern 5 Easy
5 Profit & Loss, Discount 8-9 Easy
6 Mixture & Alligation 4-5 Easy
7 Time Speed Distance, Boat & Stream Trains 3-4 Easy
8 Interest (CI & SI) 5 Easy
9 Number System/HCF/LCM 7-9 Easy-Moderate
10 Percentage 3-4 Moderate
11  Average 4-5 Easy-Moderate
12 DI [Total-2]- Bar Graph & Pie Chart 10 Easy-Moderate
13 Algebra 9-10 Easy-Moderate
14 Partnership 2-3 Easy
15 Simplification 3 Easy
16 Coordinate Geometry 3 Easy
17 Misc. 2-3 Easy
Total Questions 100 Easy-Moderate

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Questions Asked In Maths Paper:

  • In a triangle ABC, if AB= 6, BC= 9 & AC= 8, then find the lenth if the median AD?
  • In a triangle ABC, AD was median, ratio of AD:AC= 6:7, BC=10 cm, Then find the length of BD?
  • One question from Apollonius theorem.
  • The angle of depression from tower are 60 degree & 30 degree and the distance between 2 points is 400 √3 metre, find the height of tower?
  • What is the 1000th digit of the number which when divided 12, 18, 20_ _ , remainder is 4, but when divied by 7 then remainder is 0.
  • 312500 what is the CI on 312550 at the rate 12% per annum for 2 years compounded 2 month annually.
  • If radius is increased by 2x, height is reduced by 1/2. find the change in volume of cylinder
  • Find the value of 1-tan^2 A / 1-cot^2 A = ?
  • Area and height of a cylinder are given then find the volume of the cylinder?
  • A = 30 Days , B = 40 Days, C = 60 Days , A+B+C = x (given) , then find how much work was done by c alone?
  • 2(1/3) * 5(1/2) Simplify?
  • 11 digit number was given with 2 digits missing, then find the possible value of X & Y, if 11 digit number is divisible by 72.
  • If a right triangle is given, & 3 sides were given then find the circum radius of traingle?
  • If a circle is incribed in a traingle, and then a-b= , b-c= & a+b+c= 32, Then find the value of 1 side of triangle.
  • Interior angle of polygon (128)2/7 degree, find the sum of number of sides of polygon & diagonal of polygon?
  • A trapezium ABCD, AB & CD was parallel side, If AB=12 & CD=7.2, then find the distance between 2 mid points of diagonals?
  • There are 2 trains started from 2 stations X & Y toward each other after crossing each other, they reached their destination in x & y hours. If the speed of first train is given. then find the ratio of speed of trains.

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