NPCIL Syllabus 2019 Deputy Manager Syllabus PDF: NPCIL Syllabus PDF

NPCIL Syllabus 2019 Deputy Manager Syllabus: Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited has released the Call Letters for Deputy Manager Posts. You Can Download NPCIL Admit Card from the link given below. The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) is an Indian public sector undertaking based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is wholly owned by the Government of India and is responsible for the generation of nuclear power for electricity. NPCIL is administered by the Department of Atomic Energy. NPCIL was created in September 1987 under the Companies Act 1956. All nuclear power plants operated by the company are certified for ISO-14001 (Environment Management System). In this post we are sharing NPCIL Syllabus 2019 Deputy Manager Syllabus. You can Download PDF from the link given below.

NPCIL Deputy Manager (HR) Syllabus

  1. Personnel Management: Functions, Job analysis, Job Description, Job Evaluation, Organization Structure, Manpower Planning, Recruitment & Selection, Placement and Induction
  2. Principles and Practices of Management
  3. HRM concepts and functions, Performance appraisal, Career planning, Succession Planning
  4. Job Specification, Competency Development, Communication.
  5. Training and Development, Management Development
  6. Compensation Management
  7. Organizational Behavior: Concepts, Importance, Evolution, Group Dynamics, Motivation, Morale, Leadership, Job satisfaction, Organizational Change, Organizational Development, Organizational Climate
  8. Industrial Relations : concept, scope, IR systems, Industrial disputes, Machinery for settlement of industrial disputes, workers participation in management, code of discipline, ILO, Grievance handling and Disciplinary action
  9. Trade Unions : Meaning, objectives, functions, theories, trade union movement in India, trade union leadership, inter and intra union rivalry, role of different parties, Bi-party, Tripartism
  10. Labour Legislation: Principles of labour legislation, Implementation machinery, Labour legislation and Indian constitution. Factories Act, 1948, Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, Trade Union Act, 1926, Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, Contract Labour (Abolition) / Regulation Act, Workmen’s Compensations Act, 1923, Payment of Wages Act, 1936, Minimum Wages Act, 1948, Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act, Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, Employees Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act, Employees State Insurance Act.
  11. Right to Information Act, 2005
  12. Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention, Prohibition of Redresses Act.) 2013
  13. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016

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NPCIL Syllabus 2019 Deputy Manager Syllabus

NPCIL Deputy Manager Admit Cards 2019: Download Admit Cards

NPCIL Deputy Manager (Legal) Syllabus

  1. Constitutional law of India : Preamble, Fundamental rights and duties, directive principles of state policy, Judiciary, Executive, Union State Legislative Relations, Emergency provisions, Amendment of the constitution, Writ jurisdiction
  2. Legal Theory : Nature and sources of Law, Natural law theory, sociological jurisprudence, Theories of punishment, Rights and duties, Concepts of possession and ownership
  3. Public International Law : Nature of International Law and its relationship with Municipal Law, Recognition of States & Governments, Settlement of International Disputes, Human Rights
  4. Family Law : Concepts of family law, Sources of Family law in India, Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage, Divorce, Maintenance, Matrimonial Remedies, Uniform civil code
  5. Law of Contracts : General Principles : Essentials of a valid contract, offer, acceptance and consideration, capacity to contract – Minor’s contract, Elements vitiating contract – mistake, fraud, misrepresentation, public policy, coercion, undue influence, frustration of contract, Remedies for breach of contract – Damages.
  6. Laws of Torts : Foundation of Tortuous Liability, General Defences to an action of Torty, Vicarious liability, Remoteness of Damages, Contributory Negligence, Absolute and Strict Liability.
  7. Laws of Crimes : General Principles : Nature and Definition of offence, General Exceptions, Common Intention and Common Object, Criminal Attempt, Conspiracy and Abetment, Offences against women
  8. Labour Laws : Concepts, Industrial Disputes, Trade Unions – Rights and Immunities of Registered Trade Unions, Registration and its advances, Method of settlement of industrial disputes, Strikes and lockouts, Instrument of collective bargaining, Retrenchment, Lay offs, Closures and arbitration proceedings, The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act
  9. Environmental laws : Environmental pollution, legislative measures for prevention and control of environmental pollution in India – Air and Water Pollution and General protection of environment, International development for protection of Environmental Pollution, Remedies for Environmental Protection – Civil, Criminal and Constitutional, Importance of Forest and Wildlife in protecting environment, Environmental impact assessment and control of hazardous wastes.
  10. Business Legislations : Partnership Act – nature and essentials of partnership, mutual rights and liabilities of partners, advantages of registration of firms, The sale of goods act, Negotiable Instruments Act, Company Law – Role of Directors, Doctrines of Indoor Management and Ultra Vires, Law pertaining to land acquisitions, Global Trade Regimes under International Law.
  11. Knowledge of Arbitration Act, Taxation Law, and other Social Welfare Legislation.
  12. Civil Liability Nuclear Damage(CLND) Act.2010

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NPCIL Deputy Manager (C&MM) Syllabus

  1. Business Economics
  2. Accounting & Finance
  3. Legal aspects of Contracts-sale of Goods Act, Indian Contracts Act. etc.
  4. Goods and Services Tax
  5. Customs Duty
  6. Contract Securities – Bank Guarantees
  7. Project Planning & Schedule
  8. Concept and basic principles of e-procurement/e-Tendering/eauction /Reverse Auction.
  9. Dispute resolution mechanism available in India.
  10. Consequences of breach of contract and remedies available to Purchaser
  11. Export-Import policy and procedures, legal framework of exportimport, customs classification.
  12. Inco-terms 2010
  13. Customs clearance- Sea, Air, post procedure and documentation.
  14. Inventory control- ABC analysis, General principles of provisioning and procurement of common user items, fixing of minimum, maximum and re-order levels.
  15. Material handling: Handling of compressed gases, inflammable, toxic substances, chemicals and hazardous materials, strategic items etc.
  16. Emerging trends in Materials Management
  17. Third Party Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  18. Vendor Development, Vendor Registration and Evaluation of performance of suppliers.

NPCIL Deputy Manager (Finance) Syllabus

  1. Double entry bookkeeping and principles.
  2. Maintenance of Book of Accounts prescribed by the Companies Act, 2013 – Schedule 3.
  3. Accounting standards
  4. Principles & Knowledge of Income Tax, VAT, CST, Service Tax, Central Excise and Customs Duties & Filing of returns and TDS
  5. Principles involved in raising of Finance and connected ratios.
  6. Statutory & Internal Audit
  7. Purchase procedures applicable for PSUs and Inventory control for Material Management.
  8. Principles of Costing / elements of cost analysis.
  9. Budget & Budgetary Control
  10. Sources and capital structure for infrastructure projects
  11. Working Capital Management and Liquidity Management for cash flow preparation.
  12. Debt Market and roll of intermediaries in debt issues
  13. Servicing of investors
  14. Applications of Computers for the above purpose.

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