AFCAT 2019 Memory Based Questions: General Awareness Questions Asked in AFCAT

AFCAT 2019 Memory Based Questions: Indian Air Force (IAF) to select officers for all its branches, except for the medical and dental branches. For all entries other than NDA and CDSE and for all branches, candidates have to undergo the AFCAT. The test is conducted twice a year in February and August. Advertisements inviting applications for AFCAT are out in June and December.  The test is conducted all across India by the Indian Air Force. In this post we are sharing General Awareness Questions asked in AFCAT Exam 2019. AFCAT 2019 Memory Based Questions

AFCAT 2019 Memory Based Questions

1. Who is known as the Bradman of Women’s Cricket?

Answer: Elizabeth Rebecca Wilson

2.Satyamev Jayate is part of which Upanishad?

Answer: Mundaka Upanishad

3.Capital of Bosnia

Answer: Sarajevo

4. Who was the 1st Governor General of India?

Answer: Lord William Bentinck

5. Tunnel that Connects Jammu to Kashmir path?

Answer: Chenani Nashri Tunnel

6. Which line passes through the Australian Subcontinent?

Answer: Indo-Australian Plate

7. Who is considered the father of Indian revolutionary ideas?

Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

8.Who is the UEFA Winner 2019?

Answer: Liverpool FC

9. Writer of Around the world in 80 days?

Answer: Jules Verne

10. Which female athlete won Gold in 2014 CWG in Weightlifting (48 Kg)?

Answer: Kumukcham Sanjita

11. Which Satellite is being launched by NASA to Mars in 2020?

Answer: Mars 2020 rover mission

12. Choose the odd one out– Pelican–Albatross–Penguin—Ostrich

Answer: Ostrich

13.How many overs are there in the 1st Power Play in T20 Cricket?

Answer: 6 overs

14. Vocabulary-Altruism, Allegiance,Adroit, Vague, Skeptic.

15. ‘CANT’ is related to which sport?

Answer: Kabaddi

16. Idiom: 1- To strain every nerve 2- To bury hatchet, 3-  To run rampant

17. Who is the writer of Padmavat Poem?

Answer: Malik Muhammad Jayasi

18. Name of ISROs Space Program with the highest number of Satellites.

Answer: PSLV-C37

19. Which is the Oldest Veda?

Answer: Rigveda

20. Which European league won UEFA 3 times in a row?

Answer: Real Madrid

21. What is the special about MARS ROVER satellite that NASA will sent in year 2020?

Answer: A Mars rover is a motor vehicle that travels across the surface of the planet Mars upon arrival. Rovers have several advantages over stationary landers: they examine more territory, they can be directed to interesting features, they can place themselves in sunny positions to weather winter months, and they can advance the knowledge of how to perform very remote robotic vehicle control. It will investigate an astrobiologically relevant ancient environment on Mars and investigate its surface geological processes and history, including the assessment of its past habitability, the possibility of past life on Mars, and the potential for preservation of biosignatures within accessible geological materials. It will cache sample containers along its route for a potential future Mars sample-return mission.

22.Writer of Life of Pie

Answer: Yann Martel

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