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AAI Junior Executive Exam Analysis 2018 | Download GK Questions PDF |

AAI Junior Executive Exam Analysis 2018: In this post, I am sharing the questions which were asked in Today’s Exam. Airports Authority of India (Junior Executive-) Exam (29 November 2018) is over now. AAI has also issued latest notice regarding nomalization of marks. Normalization means adjusting values measured on different scales to a notionally common scale. Exam pertaining for a particular post/course could be spread across multiple shifts which will have different question paper for each shift. AAI Junior Executive Exam Analysis 2018: The normalization is to be done by considering the difficulty level of each set, since the questions may be different in different sets and difficulty level of a particular set may be different from other sets. Hence the normalization of scores need to be carried out for all the candidates who had written the exam, across shifts for the same post/course.

Questions asked in Non Technical Section in Airport Operations Exam

area under hysterisis curve gives?
which has long de broglie wavelength electron or alpha particle?
paramagnetic material dependency on tempeature ?
young’ double slit pattern will shrink when submersed in water?
one question was easy on SONAR?
oily film color pattern on water is due to interference?
cirlcle formed due to space between leaves caused by diffraction?
laser a monochromatic and coherent source can be used for interference experiment?
nicole prism used double refraction?
electron when given high energy can have speed slightly less than speed of light?
wavelenth comparison of neutron, electron, alpha particle?
one question was on quartz crystal lc circuit was options were wrong?
maximum number of maxima which can be formed in young’s double slit experiment?AAI Junior Executive Exam Analysis 2018

AAI Junior Executive Exam Analysis 2018

Below is the Detailed Analysis of AAI JE (IT) Exam Paper.
S.No. Topics
1 Fill in the Blanks 3
2 Sentence Improvement 1
3 Sentence Rearrangement 1
4 Idioms and Phrases 2
5 Synonyms 1
6 Antonyms 1
7 Naration
8 Phrase Substitution
9 One word Substitution
10 Passage (2)
9 Spelling
Total Questions 9
S.No. Topics
1 Venn Diagram 1
2 Sequence 1
3 Series 1
4 Odd One Out 2
5 Directions
6 Analogy 1
7 Ranking 1
8 Coding-Decoding 1
9 Time, Speed & Distance
10 Blood Relation 1
10 Word Formation
Total Questions 9
S.No. Topics
1 Mensuration
2 Average 1
3 Number System 1
4 Alligation & Mixture 2
5 Time & Work 1
6 Time, Speed & Distance 1
7 AP or GP
8 Boat & Stream
9 Profit & Loss 2
10 Percentage 1
11 Height & Distance
Total Questions 9
S.No. Topics
1 History 2
2 Polity 2
3 Geography
4 Economics
5 Current Affairs 4
6 Physics 1
7 Chemistry
7 Biology
Total Questions 9

AAI Junior Executive Exam Analysis 2018

a) The diagram of a logic gate was given and which gate is this?
b) A boolean algebra question asking you to convert Decimal Number into Hexadecimal Number?
c) Question-related to CDMA?
d) Question relating to Phrasing?
e) Question relating to Directed Graphs?
f) Question on OSI Model?
g) Numerical on ALOHA network?
h) Finding error in a JAVA program?
i) Question related to Deadlocks in Operating System?

GK Questions Asked in Today’s Exam.


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