280 Coding-Decoding Questions PDF For BHEL, RRB NTPC, FSSAI Exam

280 Coding-Decoding Questions PDF: The logical reasoning section is an important part of competitive exams. It contains different types of reasoning questions which are intended to judge analytical and logical reasoning skills of the candidate. The logical reasoning questions can be verbal or non-verbal: In verbal logical reasoning questions, the concepts and problems are expressed in words. The candidates are required to read and understand the given text or paragraph and according choose the right answer from the given options. In non-verbal logical reasoning questions, the concepts and problems are expressed in the form of figures, images or diagrams and the candidates are required to understand them before choosing the right answer out of the given options.

280 Coding-Decoding Questions PDF

If A = 1 , PAT = 37, then TAP = ?





Q2. If D = 4 , BAD = 7, then what is the value of ANT = ?





Q3. If C = 3 and FEAR is coded as 3,0, then what will be code number of HAIR





Q4. If Z = 26, NET = 39, then NUT = ?





Q5. If F = 6, MAT = 34, then how much CAR?





Q6. If RAMAN is written 12325 and DINESH as 675489, how will HAMAM be written?





Q7. If ‘A’ = 26, SUN = 27, then CAT = ?

(a) 24




Q8. If A = 2, M = 26 and Z = 52, then BET = ?


(b) 54

(c) 64

(d) 72

Q9. If RED is coded as 6720, then how GREEN would be coded?



(c) 1677209

(d) 16717209FSSAI Complete Study Notes

Q10. If KASHMIR is written as 8142753, how RIMSHAK can be written in that code?



(c) 3521478


Q11. If A = 1, FAT = 27, then FAITH = ?


(b) 42

(c) 41

(d) 40

Q12. If BROTHER is coded as 2456784. SISTER is coded as 919684, what is the code for ROBBERS?

(a)18, 15, 22, 5, 18, 19

(b)4562 684

(c)9245 784


Q13. If GLARE is coded as 67810 and MONSOON as 2395339 then how can RANSOM be coded ?


(b) 198532

(c) 189352

(d) 189532

Q14. If E = 5, PEN=35, then PAGE = ?


(b) 29

(c) 36

(d) 27

Q15. If CLOUD can be coded as 59432 and RAIN as 1678, how can AROUND be coded?


(b) 614382

(c) 641382

(d) 461382

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